HIA 2.0

Welcome to the next evolution in real estate.

Welcome to HIA® 2.0.  

We here at Home Investment Advisors Ltd. are excited to announce the September 19 launch of HIA® 2.0. We are moving beyond the user experience, to the human experience. We are creating a responsive and intuitive product that will work with real estate agents to grow their business at every step.  

HIA® 2.0 is composed of two innovative products: RealOffice360™ and HomeHub360™. 

RealOffice360 Logo

RealOffice360™ is a real estate agent's one-stop shop for the tools and analytics they need to take their business to the next level. With a focus on relationships and unique take on marketing, RealOffice360™ will help an agent turn their homebuyers into clients for life.RealOffice360™ will allow Home Investment Advisors™ to engage with their homeowners with HomeHub360™, becoming a valued partner in the home ownership cycle.

HomeHub360 Logo

HomeHub360™, in partnership with a Home Investment Advisor, works with homeowners, providing them with the tools they need to take care of their most valuable asset: their home. HomeHub360™ takes a holistic view of a homeowner's property, from insurance to mortgages to renovations and repairs. Every step of the way, at every part of the home ownership cycle, HomeHub360™, and their partner Home Investment Advisor, will be there, helping homeowners make informed decisions about their property.   

Over the coming months, we will be revealing the new tools that will be coming to HIA® 2.0. We'll also be talking about the many partnerships we have made with other inventive companies that are pushing the boundaries of real estate, from analytics to e-document management to web page development. Keep up to date on our blog and social media accounts this summer as we continue to announce these exciting new opportunities.   

And be certain to circle September 19 on your calendar. We don't want you to miss out on the only real estate suite you will ever need.  

Stay in the loop with HIA® 2.0.