Here you'll find answers to HIA® frequently asked questions and recording of past webinars. Also, please visit the new online HIA® Support Center with tutorials and solutions to the most common questions.



What is HIA®?

HIA® is not a brokerage but rather a real estate business education company whose mission is "To Keep the REALTOR Centric Throughout the Entire Real Estate Cycle, By Creating Clients for Life Through Added VALUE, TRUST and SERVICE. Committed Agents. Committed Companies."


Can I use the HIA® logo on my business cards, marketing materials, etc.?

Yes, as a licensed HIA® Advisor Designate or Candidate you are permitted to use or HIA® logo and trademarks in your personal marketing materials as long as you adhere to the HIA® branding usage guidelines. Please visit the Advisor Dashboard > More Stuff > HIA® Branding for approved logo downloads and full usage guidelines. 


How do I get the initial meeting with potential clients when they ask me “how is business these days?”

First off, you need to be yourself, you need to have your own passion about your new system and you need to leave them curious. Below is two very different ways you could start this conversation, however only you know yourself.  

Option #1 – When asked how business is going?
“It couldn’t be better, there is a new system out there. It’s all about managing real estate, rather than simply focusing on buying or selling. It’s easier if I show you, do you have some time for us to grab a coffee and chat more?”

Option #2 – When asked what you do?
“I am a Realtor, but I am not a normal one. I run my business with long-term relationships in mind as I help my clients manage their home assets.” This typically leads to the follow-up question, “What does that mean”, at this point; you are now in a natural conversation.


How safe is the data that I put on the system? Is it secure?

The security and safety of your data is our number one priority. As such, we have based our software on the Microsoft Azure platform, hosted at a secure Microsoft data center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information please see: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/TrustCenter/Security/AzureSecurity, or send us a message at support@hiacanada.com.


If someone searches online "Where do I find an HIA®", what happens?

Hopefully they will come to www.hiacanada.com and fill out a request form. Once this request has been made we will ideally forward them the list of HIA® Advisors in that geographical area. Currently we do not have the ability to facilitate referrals to our Advisors however we are working on this for future implementation.


How does HIA® allocate any leads they get online?

We have thought about sending the inquiring Homeowner a list of all of our HIA® Advisors, allowing them to choose who they want to work with directly, however we are not currently set up to accommodate this request.


How many homeowners can I put on for $99/month?

As part of your subscription fee, you are free to add an unlimited number of homeowners! 


After I complete HIA® Impact 100, when do I take HIA® Impact 200 and HIA® Impact 300?

HIA® Impact 200 is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2017, and is a required course in order to obtain your HIA® designation. HIA® Impact 300 is an optional course scheduled to launch in December 2017.


Can I see my Homeowner’s dashboard?

No, your Homeowner's dashboards are private to them and therefore you cannot access their dashboard directly. We do recommend that when you sit down with them annually, that you have them open their dashboard and you use it as a tool to provide them with additional value. If you cannot recall the exact layout of the Homewner Dashboard, feel free to access the demo homeowner account which could be useful if doing any over the phone/email troubleshooting. If you need it, please email us at info@hiacanda.com to request the username and password of the demo account.


Can I see the information I have added to my homeowner’s dashboard?

Yes, you can see the majority of the information that you add to your Homeowners dashboard by view their client profile and property details.  


IMPACT is all targeted for the first three quarters, how do I compete in the fourth quarter?

You are not alone and you have a team! If the situation arises that you are competing in the fourth quarter, open up your dashboard and show your prospective clients your team members. Mortgage brokers, Insurance brokers, Lawyers, Inspectors and on and on. And let’s not forget that come closing, your relationship is just getting started!


Should I bring on a client on if they have another real estate professional as a best friend?

Being in second place isn’t a bad place to be. It is an individual choice. Always ask yourself, are you are working with people you want to work with?


Can I use the system to send out automatic Birthday notices?

The HIA® Dashboard is not a CRM but rather a VIP, a Value Implementation Program. As such, we have not built this feature into the dashboard.


How do I gain my clients trust quickly?

When asked about buying or selling, you simply state the facts! If they don’t need to sell today, then tell them not to sell today! You are with them long-term, so you do not care if they sell today or in several years from now. This will build trust and enhance your value. You are doing this without money in mind, you act on the best interest of your clients.


How do I talk to my friends about becoming their Home Investment Advisor™?

Your friends value you as a person and should know that you are looking out for them in all walks of life. In real estate, you happen to be the licensed professional that will work the hardest for them, and ensure that they get the best outcome at whatever action they require. If ask by your friend why they should work with you, a potential response is:

"I believe that there is no better person, that will work harder for you! Additionally, I have put together a team of lawyers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers and my real estate broker that I can call on for additional support at any time. Lastly, I take pride in continuously educating myself as a professional, including my candidacy with HIA™ which further reflects my commitment to professionalism but also my drive for excellence. I want to share all of this with you!"


My homeowner isn't logging in to their Dashboard frequently, is this a problem?

Not really, some homeowners may only access their HIA® Dashboard a few times a year. Other homeowners may be more active and use their dashboard frequently to track what's happening in the market. The important thing is that their dashboard (and you as their advisor) are always available to them whenever they need it like when they receive a tax assessment, are considering doing renovations, or when their mortgage is coming up for renewal.


Need more help? Visit the HIA® Support Center below or email us at support@hiacanada.com

Technical Questions


When I go to add my homeowners’ address, I can’t find the town or city in the pulldown list?

We’re still adding the data for several additional regions into the HIA® application, so there's a chance that your city will not be available at first. If your city or town doesn’t appear, please be sure to select the highest level country and/or region first and then refine down (ie. country > province > region > city > etc.). If your city or town still isn't available in drop-down options you can select other and manually type in the city. If you are still having issues getting the address entered correctly, please forward the address you are trying to enter to support@hiacanada.com, so we can include it our location database.


My homeowner is still in the pending stage and hasn't registered for the site, what should I do?

If you haven't done so yet, give them a call and make sure they received the registration email and find out if they have any questions or reservations about signing up.


My homeowner hasn’t received their email invite?

The first place to check would be the Homeowners' junk email folder. Overly aggressive spam filters will at times grab our notification and invitation emails. Should it be found there, please be sure to add our welcome@hiacanada.com email address to their approved sender list.

Can I upload documents other than a CMA to my Homeowners' profile?

Absolutely! You can upload both their Real Property Report & Floor plan when adding or editing your clients properties. We are working on future file sharing enhancements and will let you know when we release those updates!

Can I send a mass message to all of my clients?

No - We have not given you the ability to send a mass message to all of your homeowners, as we believe that all of your messages should be unique and specific to them!


Need more help? Visit the HIA® Support Center below or email us at support@hiacanada.com



Why do you run your business this way? How do you make money at this?

Your potential response could be: "I believe that this is the way real estate should be done. This is my personal advertising** (see note below), my prospecting, and my business development. At the kitchen table, people always talk about real estate, so what happens? Well, when you start talking about real estate, I hope that you think of me, and I thank you for that. But that doesn’t mean you have to use me!

My goal is to prove myself upfront, such that whenever the time comes, that you would feel confident to use me. If the time comes and you do not feel comfortable, then I would expect you not to use me!

Worst case, I am gaining valuable insider knowledge about your community by working with you, which is great for me."

** It's important to note that you still market/advertise your client's properties at the time of sale. Not to be confused with marketing traditionally used by agents to generate leads (i.e. bus bench ads, flyers, calendars, etc.)


"You just started in the business, how can you be my trusted advisor for my most valuable asset?"

We're working on this answer still, but please contact us if you need it right now.


"Why do you want to meet in person?"

We're working on this answer still, but please contact us if you need it right now.


"What happens to my data when I sell my home?"

Some of the non-confidential data will transfer to the next homeowner, however the majority of your data will not be transferred and frozen for you to look back on at your convenience. Specifically the data will move as follows:

1.     CMA, Sold and Purchase Price stay – Transferable Data only, all documents are non-transferable - Frozen

2.     Home Details & Floor Plans & RPR – Transferable - Frozen

3.     Photo of Home – Not transferred - Frozen

4.     Filing Cabinet – Not transferred - Frozen

5.     My Mortgage – Not transferred - Frozen

6.     My Insurance – Not transferred - Frozen

7.     Budget – Not transferred - Frozen

8.     Tax – Only Assessment Values Transferred - Frozen

9.     Home Maintenance Section – Not transferred - Frozen

10.  Wishes & Needs – Not transferred - Frozen

11.  More Stuff – Not transferred – Frozen

If at any time you would like your non-confidential data to not transfer, please contact us directly at support@hiacanada.com and we will be happy to ensure that your request is met!


"Can I delete my home from the system?"

No, you cannot delete your home but you can remove it from your profile.


"Can I change from one Advisor to another?"

Yes, we expect you to have the best service possible so if you feel the need to change HIA® Advisor’s, please contact us directly at support@hiacanada.com and we would be happy to help rectify the situation if possible or help you transition to another HIA® Advisor.


"Can I delete my homeowner account entirely?"

Yes, we would hate for you to leave us, but if you must, you can do so by contacting us directly at support@hiacanada.com.



We're here to help, please visit the HIA® Support Center below or email us at support@hiacanada.com