1. Introduction to RealOffice360™ by HIA®

In this course we're going to help you setup your profile and give you an overview of your HIA® Advisor Dashboard. Your dashboard is the hub of your real estate business to help you connect with homeowners, convert loyal customers and retain your clients for life by helping them manage their properties better. Let's get started now, and discover a revolutionary way to grow your real estate business.

Course outline: 4 sections (Includes 2 Videos)

Estimated time to complete:  10 minutes


1-1. Set up Your Profile 

Add your profile page in the HIA® Advisor directory

Add your profile page in the HIA® Advisor directory

First, let's setup your HIA® Advisor profile and view your page in the HIA® Directory to help you attract new clients and promote your business.

Follow these 4 steps to setup your profile:

1. Click on "My Profile > Profile & Settings" in the top menu bar.
2. Fill out all your profile information and upload a photo.
3. Be sure to scroll down to the "Public Profile" section and fill in your bio text.
4. Save your profile.

Done, great job! Click the button below to view the public HIA® Advisor Directory, then find your profile in the directory and click "view profile" to see your details.


1-2. Dashboard Overview

We have made moving around your dashboard easier than getting a cup of coffee, here is what you need to know:

1. In the top menu, you can navigate to your "Messages", "Notifications" and "Profile & Settings".

2. Use the right side navigation bar to switch between dashboard sections. If the right side navigation bar is collapsed, click the menu button in the top right corner to expand (see image below).

3. If you need assistance at any time, click the "Help & Support" button in the footer (see image below).

General Navigation - Your Advisor Dashboard

General Navigation - Your Advisor Dashboard


1-3. Send a message, dismiss a notification, check your map

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.55.56 AM.png

Inside your Dashboard, you can directly message your clients as well as get reminded about all the things you need to know! Here are the details

1. Message between you and your clients using the message function (See Image Below)

2. Check our urgent items each day, and dismiss once done. A full list is below.

3. Once you have done all your hard work, you can view your clients in map view. Ever wondered where you work, now you know!

Your Automatic Notifications Are...


1-4. Your Filing Cabinet

File Cabinet - Upload and Share Files

File Cabinet - Upload and Share Files

There is no shortage of important documents in both hard copy and digital format that should be kept safe by the homeowner. For example, at the time of purchase, they will be given a Real Property Report and will be required to produce one at the time of sale.

This is your place to store your private files but also share files with your clients!

Watch the tutorials below: