4. How To Add & Manage Clients

In this course we're going to help you add and manage your clients. Your clients are the backbone of your real estate business, so converting loyal customers and retaining your clients for life by adding them to the Dashboard only makes perfect sense!


Course outline: 5 steps below

Estimated time to complete:  15 - 20 minutes


4-1. How to add a Client - Overview

Adding a client to your Dashboard is done in three simple steps.

1. Add a Contact - See Section 2-2 for details

2. Setup a Client - See Section 2-3 for details

3. Activate a Client - See Section 2-4 for details

From start to finish, your client will move through the three categories: Contact, Pending, and lastly Client. A video covering the whole process opens by clicking the button!


4-2. How To Add a Contact - Step #1

The first step in adding a client is to add a contact. You can do this manually or by import, the choice is yours. Below is a step-by-step flow on how to do this!

  • Click on the “Client List” tile (in “My Homeowners” section).
Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.40.19 PM.png
  • Click “Add a Contact” to enter the information a) manually, or:
Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.41.07 PM.png
  • b) “Import Contacts” to upload a XLSX file, to import a group of contacts. If you have trouble importing contacts you can reference the Support Centre here
Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.42.19 PM.png
  • Once you’ve added your contacts, you’ll receive a confirmation message: 
Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.44.17 PM.png

Upon adding your contacts, these individuals will be found under the “Contacts” Tab of your Client List Tile. All done!!


4-3. How To Setup a Client - Step #2

The second step in adding a client to your Dashboard, is to take your previously added Contact, and set them up an account. Below is a step-by-step flow on how to do this!

  • In the Contact's section of your Client List, to set up a Homeowner's Account, you start by clicking on “Setup Account”.
  • Upon selecting the “Setup Contact” button, you will first be asked if you have C.A.S.L. consent. If you are “Unsure” click that button to view the CREA Whitepaper on CASL. 

  • If you have obtained consent, then click “Yes” and you will be directed to the Client Profile window, which will allow you to fill out all the important information about this Contact.
  • The required fields are marked in orange text and also with an asterisk.
  • The required fields for client setup are:

First Name – Last Name – Phone Number – Email - Address

Note: If your client does not have a permanent address (for example: First-time homebuyer or moving to the city), you can put either their current rental address or hotel address in this field. This address does not need to be associated with an owned property.

  • Once you have entered all your client information, click the “Save & Continue” button at the bottom of the page. At this point your Client has been set-up! Now you will get two prompts: 

Prompt #1

Do you want to add a property? Your clients can have access without a property (First-time home buyers, new to town purchasers) however if they do own a home, it is highly recommended that you fill out the property and detailed home information to your best ability as this will be the foundation of your online relationship with your homeowner/client. This is not mandatory. 

Prompt #2

Do you want to send an email to your client with their login information? If you want to send the invitation to your homeowner, you can either send their invite now by pressing “Send Now”, or “Skip, I’ll Send Later” which will put this client into “Pending – Section #2 of the Client List”.

If you choose to send the invitation to your homeowner now, can select the “Send Now” button which will give you the following prompt: 

At this screen, you have the ability to personalize your email invitation prior to having the system send your client their log-in information. See orange circled box above. 

Your client is now all setup and is ready for activation! To view this client, click on the "Pending" section of your Client List Tile.

4-4. How To Activate a Client - Step #3

There are two ways that your Homeowner can login to their account once you have set it up.

  1. Going to www.hia.ca

  2. Going through Email Invitation

We describe both options below:

Option #1 – Login at my.hiacanada.com

If you do not wish to send your clients an invitation email and would rather show them their account in person, you can take this approach.

  1. Once your contact has been set-up and is now found in the “Pending” section of your client list, they now have an account on the system.

  2. If your contact is in the “Pending” section you are ready to go to the next step. 

3. With your client, log-in to my.hiacanada.com 

4. Once on this page, click on “First time here? Sign-up”

5. Your client will be asked for their email address. IMPORTANT – They must use the email address that you entered into the system when you set-up their account. 

6. Upon correctly entering their email, they will be asked to enter a password & accept the terms of use.

7. Upon accepting the terms of use, your client has now activated their account and can login using the following information:

  1. The email address as their user name

  2. The password they just created

  3. They can log-in at my.hiacanada.com 

That's it, your client is now active on the system!

Option #2 – Login using the email invitation

If you choose to send your client an email invitation, they will receive the following in their inbox: 

Upon clicking on the “Setup Your Account” button, your Contact will be redirected to my.hiacanada.com registration page, and asked to fill in their password to register. Once they create a password and agree to the legal terms of use, this contact is now considered to be your client in the Dashboard, and will be found under the “My Clients” tab.

Once your Homeowner has logged-in for the first time, their contact card will move from “Pending” to “Client”. 

4-5. How To Manage Your Clients - Edit/Delete

At any point in the above process, you have the ability to delete or edit your clients. 

1. To edit a client

Anytime you want, you can edit your client on the Dashboard. It doesn't matter if they are in the "Pending" or "My Clients" section, the process is the same. At this point in time, you cannot edit a "Contact". To edit follow this process:

  • Click on "View"
  • Click on "Edit Details"

2. To delete a client

Hopefully you will never need to do this, but sometimes things happen! To delete a client simply click on "Delete".

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 1.35.02 PM.png