5. How To Add & Manage Properties

In this course we're going to help you add and manage your properties. Your Client Properties are the main focus of your real estate business, so providing comprehensive advisory services for all your clients irrespective of whether they want to buy or sell, is value you can trust.


Course outline: 3 steps below

Estimated time to complete:  10 - 20 minutes


5-1 How to Add a Property

Whether you decide to add your client’s property information during their account setup or after, the process is the same. Much like uploading a listing, this process allows you to capture all the pertinent details of your client’s home. 

When setting up your client for the first time you will be given the option to add a property by clicking on the “Add Now” button of the first prompt: 

Upon selecting this option, you will be directed to this client’s profile page which can also be reached from the “Client List” tile. Upon reaching the profile page, you will see all of the basic information that you have entered on this client under the “Contact Details” section, on the left hand side you will see any picture that you have uploaded, along the bottom a section for adding client notes, as well as the ability to send a message to this client and the ability to go back to your main list.

You will notice in the centre of the profile a box under “Property Information” which says “Add Property”.

To add a property for this client, click this button: 

Upon selecting this option, you will be driven to another page with five main sections:

  • Property Address
  • Property Information
  • Rooms & Dimensions - Including Real Property Report and Floor plan Upload
  • Purchase Transaction
  • Home Values & CMA Reports - Including Tax Assessed Values

Property Address

The Property Address section is the portion of the form which allows you to enter this properties address as well as a photo of the home. For convenience, the address that you entered for this client will be automatically populated however you can change this address if that address is not correct. For example, if this is a first-time homebuyer and they just purchased a home with you, this address will be different. Please note that all fields with orange text and asterisks are required fields.

Property Information

The Property Information section allows you to enter the main details of your clients property, such as the property type, parking, basement development, home size and year built. This information will all be shown under the “Home Details” tile on your clients Homeowner Dashboard. Please note that all fields with orange text and asterisks are required fields.

Rooms & Dimensions

The Rooms & Dimensions section is completely optional. However, this is your opportunity to deliver additional to you clients by entering their property measurements, upload their floorplan and upload their real property report. You can add as many rooms as you wish by clicking the “Add Another Room” button, or delete rooms which you do not require. Upon uploading files for both the Real Property Report and Floor plan, you will get the indication that this has been done successfully as the file name will be populated below.

Purchase Transaction

The Purchase Transaction input is also optional however this will allow you to track your historical (and on-going) sales history which will be used for future Book of Business modelling. To use this section, you must first answer a question pertaining to this specific property: “Did you receive commission income on the purchase of this property?”

If you answer “yes”, you will then have the ability to enter in the financial details of your commission, as well as the sold price and sold date.

Home Values & CMA Reports

The final section of the “Add Property” process is all to do with value. In this section you have the ability to set out historical prices of the home, the purchase price of the home, and all of your updated CMA values (including the ability to upload any associated CMA report files).

Note: If you have entered transaction data above in the Purchase Transaction Section, this information will automatically populate as the Purchase Price for the home.


To add a new value, you click: “Add Another Value” which will open another input box below the current value.

Upon seeing this box, select if this new value is:

  • Purchase Price
  • Historical Value
  • CMA Value
  • Tax-Assessed Value

Once you have selected your choice, go on to select the value and date of this value. If you select CMA Value, a small square with a | + |sign will appear, which is the point which you can upload your CMA report. 


To upload a file, click on the | + | and navigate to your file for upload.

If you have correctly uploaded the file, the box with the | + | will turn green and you can now proceed to your final step in adding a property, saving the information.

Finalizing Your Work, Saving Your Progress

Adding a property can take a lot of time and therefore we want to make sure that you save your work. If at any time you go to leave this page while adding information, all of your information will be lost. That is why, we will always give you a prompt as shown below, letting you know that you run the risk of losing this information upon leaving the page.

To stay on the page, simply press “No” and proceed with your work. Upon successfully entering in all of the data, move to the bottom of the page and click “Save & Continue”. If you have successfully created the property, the system will send you back to your client’s profile page with the property now visible under the “Property Information” section of their profile.

Unsuccessful Property Creation Troubleshooting


If you attempt to save the property and you see an error prompt, you must return to the page and fill out those fields which are presented in red. If you have any further issues we ask that you visit our support centre at www.support.hiacanada.com or contact our support team via email: support@hiacanada.com

IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE ERRORS DO NOT CLOSE OUT THE BROWSER AS THIS WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION. Go back and fix the errors, & click “Save & Continue” until the system allows you to proceed.


5-2 How To Edit Properites

From time to time, you may need to add or edit information on already created properties. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Client which owns the property you wish to edit, in the Client List Tile, under either "Pending" or "My Clients". Once you have found the client, click on "View" on their client card.
Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.20.42 PM.png
  • This will take you to your Client's profile, where you will see a list of the properties you have added. To edit an existing property, click on the "Options" button on the Property you wish to edit.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.22.38 PM.png
  • Upon clicking on "Options" you will get a dropdown with four options
  • View - Allows you to view the properties details - NOTE: You cannot edit any fields if you make this selection
  • Edit - Allows you to view and edit the property details
  • Delete & Sell we will cover in the next section

Upon selecting "Edit" you can edit all aspects of this Clients property. Job done!


5-3 How to Delete, Sell or Transfer a Property

From time to time, you may need to either delete, sell or transfer a property. Find out how below:

For all three process, the beginning steps are the same:

  • Navigate to the Client which owns the property you wish to edit, in the Client List Tile, under either "Pending" or "My Clients". Once you have found the client, click on "View" on their client card.

  • This will take you to your Client's profile, where you will see a list of the properties you have added. To edit an existing property, click on the "Options" button on the Property you wish to either delete, sell or transfer.

Delete a Property

  • To delete a property, select the delete option. Upon selecting this option you will get the following prompt:
  • If you push "Delete" the property will be flagged as "Deleted" on your Client's Profile. At this time, you will be contacted by HIA® Admin to confirm that you wish to delete this property. If you confirm with HIA® Admin that you would like to delete this property, HIA® will delete this property from the system. NOTE: ONCE THIS FINAL STEP HAS BEEN COMPLETED, ALL DATA ASSOCIATED WITH THIS PROPERTY WILL BE GONE FOREVER.

Sell a Property

  • If you just sold your clients property, it is important that you mark this down in the system. To sell your clients property follow the steps above until you reach the "Options" stage. Upon reaching this stage, select "Sell Property". You will get the following screen:
  • The system is asking for you to give your associated commission so it can track this sale in your Book of Business. Upon entering your commission, you can then push "Sell Property" which will mark the property as sold.

IMPORTANT - Your clients will have access to all of their information that was associated with the sold property, however no edits will be able to be made on this property once it is sold.

Transfer a Property

  • To transfer a property, please contact HIA® Support at support@hiacanada.com indicating which Advisor you wish to transfer the property and the reason why. Upon receiving this request, HIA® Support will confirm the transfer with the receiving Advisor and Homeowner. If accepted, HIA® Support will transfer the property.