2. Introduction to HomeHub360™ by HIA®

What makes HIA® different from your typical CRM? It's easy, for the first time you can now offer all of your clients, current and prospective their own, private, secure online dashboard. Basically you get to offer your clients the equivalent of their Online Banking Account, but focused on their real estate! Pretty cool or what? We don't know of a single homeowner that doesn't want this, so what are you waiting for!? In this section we will go through all the awesome things that you are able to offer your clients using the HIA® Dashboard! Ready to go, let's get started! 

Course outline: 5 sections (Includes 14 Videos)

Estimated time to complete:  20 - 40 minutes

2-1. My Property Section

Using HIA®, gaining an understanding of all of your clients’ real estate is imperative. Given that your clients’ property is likely their most valuable asset, you are now able to focus on being the most knowledgeable professional covering that asset; treating the property like the important asset that it is and you help your clients understand that they should seek professional help where and when it is needed. You are now able to provide this comprehensive advisory service across all of your clients’ real estate assets, helping to guide them through strategic real estate decisions based on their goals, lifestyle, family and career!

The day you start talking to your audience and it’s about them, that’s the day that
business really happens.
— Scott Stratten


Why do you want to offer this to your Homeowners?

You provide this level of detailed service to your client’s to demonstrate your professionalism and knowledge upfront. As an HIA® you believe that the transactional business model can be greatly improved upon and therefore you strive to go above and beyond in providing these range of services, that you believe all homeowners should be receiving.

The way you operate your business is a substitute for self-promotion. You prefer to work with your clients rather than look for new clients entering the point of sale, covering your existing clients needs by providing personal and direct value.

When the time comes for a member of your client Community to buy or sell, you hope that you have proven yourself in such a way that you are now the right person to also sell their home. Lastly, if your clients ever find themselves out at a dinner party or around a table talking about real estate, you would love it if they mention the superior service that you offer. Don’t be afraid to tell your clients that you also conduct business via their referrals.

Watch the My Property Summary Videos Below


2-2. The Market Watch Section

Click to Watch the Overview Video on the Section

Click to Watch the Overview Video on the Section

The real estate market is comprised of all properties, including your client’s most valuable asset(s). As such, as an HIA® you promise to pull back the cover on the real estate market by providing your clients with deep market insights, depth of knowledge and intelligence across the real estate market. You provide consistent analysis and advice covering real estate market fundamentals, which offers your clients greater context for any of their future or impending real estate decisions.

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2-3. The Money Manager Section

Click to Watch the Summary Video

Click to Watch the Summary Video

A vast amount of your client’s money is invested into their home, which is why it is imperative that you ensure that your team of professionals (and you) can help guide your clients in the most valuable way possible. For many of your clients the monetary, insurance and legal aspect of homeownership can be daunting which is why you have personally selected a team of trusted professionals, on offer to your clients, covering each of these potentially daunting tasks.

Perhaps your client’s mortgage is about to come due and they are unsure of their options? No problem, you have a team of trusted mortgage brokers that you can offer your client for this call. Conversely, at the time of your client’s next home insurance renewal, it wouldn’t hurt to ensure that your client is receiving the most comprehensive and applicable coverage for the best price, by placing them in contact with your insurance team. The potential is endless by offering your clients this brand new service and Dashboard!

Watch The Money Manager Detail Videos


2-4. The Home Maintenance Section

Maintenance Log

As agents, you know that when it comes time to list a property for sale, the homeowner is all too ready to tell you what big ticket renovations and upgrades they have made and why that should increase the value of the home. But what about the little things? Do they get lost in the big ticket items and are they sometimes just as important?

Design Notes and Warranties

A place for your homeowners to keep all the useful information they might need about renovations or upgrades they have made on the property. It could be as simple as paint color codes and hardwood flooring stains and finishes. New hot water heater? Better hang on to that warranty so that you can get your money’s worth.

2-5. The Wishes & Needs Section

What do you offer here?

Your clients will inevitably have dreams and goals, some which you can help them plan and execute towards their ideal future. Specifically, you offer your clients the ability to begin planning their future, both real estate and personal, in a strategic manner based on their overarching goals, lifestyle, family and career. You will do this consistently with your clients when they have time to dream, rather than during the stressful point of sale.

How do you offer this?

Under this system, it is your intention to work with your clients for their entire real estate life and therefore you will want to know all of their real estate ambitions and wishes. Right from the start! You will get to know your clients goals over time, as you build trust in your relationship and further all conversations. This trust and level of understanding will only enhance your relationship.

Specifically, from the first meeting, you will begin to gather this information. For example, what would they like in their next home, do they plan on staying in their current home after the kids move out, or when they renovate would they like to move some walls? By addressing these ambitions over time, and storing them in a safe place, your clients can build on to them at anytime. If/when the time comes for your clients to execute a given goal, they can ensure any key item is not forgotten and is included in their decision making process.