The HIA® Designation


What Does It Mean to Be an HIA®?

Encompassing the entire cycle of homeownership, the HIA® designation enhances and builds on your current real estate practice. It creates the environment and gives you the tools to provide the level of professional advisory service that you have always wanted to offer your clients. This designation will have a positive IMPACT on you, your clients and the real estate industry. Simply put;

Real Estate Agent + IMPACT = HIA® Advisor

The HIA® designation is a new level of professionalism for the real estate industry as a whole. Built on a strong practical orientation and abundant use of HIA® advisory tools, HIA® designation holders will be considered as the premier professionals for their clients’ real estate needs. Utilizing the Value Implementation Program (VIP) promoted by HIA® outside the point of sale, coupled with the analytical and strategic approach to servicing clients, HIA™ designation holders offer a comprehensive professional service for their clients’ real estate portfolios.

Once you achieve the HIA® designation you will be considered among the elite who have chosen to elevate their practice. To receive the designation, you will have had to complete the full HIA® training program, operate the relationship-based, full-cycle business model IMPACT and adhere to both your local real estate board and HIA®’s rules and regulations. An HIA® will embrace and adhere to the five Building Blocks upon which the designation was founded, as well as the Advisor Mission Statement.


How to Attain Your HIA™ Designation

Your journey to becoming a Home Investment Advisor™ begins the day you choose to enrol in the HIA® IMPACT Program.

The day you sign-up for IMPACT, you become an HIA® Candidate.



HIA® Impact 100    Making an IMPACT (Mandatory)
HIA® Impact 200   Having an IMPACT (Optional) 
HIA® Impact 300   Measuring your IMPACT (Optional) + Final Exam



All compulsory courses must be completed within two years of your sign-up date.


Client Relationship Requirement

Add and maintain a minimum of 25 homeowners by the end of the two-year window which begins the day you sign-up.


License Status

  • Belong to your local board and maintain your real estate license in good standing.
  • You have two years to complete your HIA® designation requirements.



Be in good standing with the following:

  • HIA® Rules and Regulations
  • Local Real Estate Board Rules and Regulations
  • RECA Requirements
  • Paid membership in HIA®


Failure to Complete Candidacy

If, two years have lapsed since your initial sign-up date, and you have yet to complete either the education, or client relationship requirement, then you will no longer be able to call yourself an HIA® Candidate, and you must reapply to the HIA® IMPACT program to regain your candidacy and complete the applicable requirements.

If, at any time during your candidacy or ongoing status as a Home Investment Advisor™, you no longer hold either a good standing with your local real estate board, or violate your local, provincial, or national Rules and Regulations, HIA® reserves the right to cancel your candidacy and/or designation immediately.