For most Canadians your home is your Most Valuable asset, so shouldn’t you manage it like an investment?

That's why we created the Home Investment Advisor™. Think of it like a wealth manager for your home. You might have a personal financial advisor, investment broker or even an online portfolio to help manage your financial assets, but an HIA® is a personal advisor for your most valuable asset -- your home.



Judy [our HIA®] introduced my wife and me to the HIA™ system and did a CMA for us. This was done months before we listed and gave us confidence in Judy as we felt she was committed to being there with us for the entire real estate cycle this time and in the future.
— Ken and Martha B., Homeowners from Cochrane, AB

Did We Mention HIA® is Completely free, with no obligation or contract. So What are you waiting for?

The goal of an Home Investment Advisor™ is to prove themselves upfront with knowledge, value and trust. Your HIA® strives to go above and beyond, providing service we believe all homeowners deserve. 

If you decide to sell or buy another home in the future, our hope is that your HIA® has proven their trustworthiness and would be the ideal candidate to manage your real estate transactions... and continue as your HIA® in your next home too. 

But there’s absolutely no obligation, the choice is always yours.