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User Policies

Subject to change without notice. Last updated December 14, 2016.

Advisor Cancellation of HIA® Account

1. The Advisor has time to contact their clients prior to leaving HIA® and informing these clients of their intentions

2. Once the Advisor has cancelled their HIA® Account, all Homeowners associated with this account will be locked out of their portals.

3. If a Homeowner attached to this Advisor attempts to log-in to their account, they will be prompted with the following message:

“Your Advisor no longer subscribes to HIA®. For more information, please contact your Advisor @ Email & Phone. Click here for HIA® Frequently Asked Questions”

Homeowners Information for this situation:

1. CMA, Sold and Purchase Price - Frozen

2. Home Details & Floor Plans & RPR - Frozen

3. Photo of Home - Frozen

4. Filing Cabinet - Frozen

5. My Mortgage - Frozen

6. My Insurance - Frozen

7. Budget - Frozen

8. Tax - Frozen

9. Home Maintenance Section - Frozen

10. Wishes & Needs - Frozen

11. More Stuff – Frozen

If a Homeowner would like to access their information after the Advisor has shut down their account, they can do so by contacting HIA® directly.

Advisor Deleting an Active Homeowner Account

Advisor deletes Homeowner. Homeowner attempts to log-in:

"Sorry, your HIA® account cannot be accessed at this time. Please contact for assistance."

HIA® will address this issue by seeing what has transpired. If the Advisor accidently deleted the account, HIA® can reconnect the two.

Homeowner Account Transfer/Book of Business Sales Flow

If an Advisor wishes to sell their Book of Business as an HIA® the process is as follows:

1. The Advisor is to inform all clients of their intentions to sell.

2. The Homeowner is given the choice to either:

a. Switch over to the new Advisor as per their current Advisors request or

b. Request a new HIA®

3. The Homeowner cannot stay on the system without being associated to an Advisor

The Homeowner will always have final say/choice in who represents them as an Advisor on the system.


If you do not see a policy that you are curious about, please let us know at and we would be happy to address this!


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